Embark and let yourself be guided on a spiritual odyssey with the Runic Odyssey Oracle. A tool for personal development and divination, it invites you to reflection and meditation. Through the messages of the cards, it will bring you guidance, advice and answers to your questions.


The Runic Odyssey Oracle contains :

  • 25 runes cards with illustrations corresponding to the meanings of each cards with elegant gold hot stamping. 
  • 8 moon phases cards
  • 1 introductory booklet in English and French on the origins of runes and their meanings, how to use them and spreads methods.
  • A magnetic box for more resistance with gold foil and a ribbon to remove the cards easily.
  • A 15x20cm Ivory cotton bag with the logo from the back of the cards.


T H E  C A R D S

The main idea of the Runic Odyssey Oracle was to make runes more accessible and to use them in a different way than with stones or pieces of wood. You can use the illustrations on the cards to make your intuition speak, as you would do with a tarot or oracle deck, which is more difficult to do with classic runes for people with visual memory. Keywords are also included on the cards to make them easier to understand and interpret. This is a good way to think about the link between illustrations and keywords. 8 extra moon phases cards is also inclus, to put your intentions in phase with the cycles.


The use of the cards is also a sensory experience, it's very important to have good quality cards. Especially if you use them regularly. This is why this important factor has not been neglected and only high quality materials have been applied to the deck.


Specifications :

  • 400 GSM art paper A thick paper for a better grip, as the deck are made up of 33 cards it was necessary to also have a superior quality for more solidity.
  • Matte lamination For a better sensory experience, a matte lamination is applied to the cards. This also ensures that there are no reflections on the cards.
  • Tarot size 70mm x 120mm (2.75" x 4.75") For hands comfort, cards have a traditional tarot size.
  • Gold foil stamp For being able to stand out more on the card, symbolic elements (runes, astrological sign,...) is stamped with a gold foil stamp.
  • Antique matte gold edge This method was chosen over the usual method of gilding in order to have a soft matte finish that gives the feel of traditional paper. While adding a little more cachet to the cards. There is also less wear and tear on this type of finish, as no gold particles come off when the cards are shuffled.


T H E  B O O K L E T

The booklet introduces you to the origins and meaning of the runes by providing essential information for the interpretation of your readings. It's an introduction to the vast and extensive universe of the runes and presents all this information to you in a gentle manner so that you don't feel overwhelmed by lengthy explanations. But also to leave a place for your intuition. For those who are a little more experienced, this booklet will serve as a reminder, this can only be beneficial.


The booklet contain :

  • An introduction to the origins of runes and how to use them 
  • two pages dedicated to each runes with their meanings and correspondences 
  • as well spreads methods.


Specifications :

  • 70 mm x 120 mm
  • English and French language
  • Fully colored cover with matte lamination 
  • Inner page in black and white
  • 80 gsm satin paper
  • 154 pages


T H E  B O X

The box also plays an important role in our use of the cards. It's sometimes difficult to store and organize large boxes on our shelves, which is why the box is the size of the cards for less clutter.


Specifications :

  • Rigid box with magnetic lid
  • Matte lamination  
  • Gold foil stamp 
  • A ribbon inside the box

The Runic Odyssey Oracle

    • 25 runes and 8 additional moon phase cards fully illustrated with gold foil.

    • Matte lamination

    • Antique matt gold edge

    • Art paper 400gsm

    • Cards dimensions: 70mm x 120mm (2.75" x 4.75")

    • 1 introductory booklet in English and French on the origins of the runes, their meanings, how to use them and spread methods

    • Rigid box with magnetic closure 

    • Printed cotton pouch



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